Off to Suriname

The wind is howling. The boat is yawing back and forth behind its anchor. And the harder the wind howls, the harder the nerves do through my body. Starting tomorrow we will be at sea for more than two weeks. I guess during the crossing the wind will be my best friend, but not just yet. I have to get out of here, get away from the boat. I have to be on land; feel the cobblestones under my feet, eat Cachupa, feel the sun on my skin, sniff the smell of fresh coriander and mint, greet the friendly Cape Verdeans with a smile: “Bom dia! Tut dret? “

We are about to leave the Cape Verde Islands and set course for Suriname. In about 15 days, with nothing but blue around us, we will cross the Atlantic Ocean. A thousand words couldn’t describe how I feel about this. Because writing a piece for everyone who just wants to read it is fun, but it is not always easy. Like now. Too much has happened that occupies my mind, heart and body. Having to go on without my dad, who was my mate ashore, is shit. It feels empty and all-encompassing at the same time. Soon I will be on an seemingly infinite, empty and all-encompassing blue plain for 15 days. It affects me. Am I looking forward to loneliness? Not really. To the endless blue? I honestly don’t know. I’ll just go and experience it, no matter how beautiful or ugly it will be.

The Cape Verde have certainly earned an honorable mention. Besides being beautiful (check the photos here!), It is the place where Laurens and I planned -about a year ago- to trade our city house for an ocean going sailboat, and to venture out into the world. And it is the place where, despite my grief, I feel I now have become strong enough to continue this adventure. Because we’ll certainly go on: on to new Tales of Tiago!